About Us

This Collaboratory is an initiative led by the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, based on the recognition that technological solutions should be designed with active engagement of marginalized communities with the explicit goal to challenge rather than reproduce or exacerbate structural inequalities as technology often does. Penn4C focuses on the health care needs of low-resource high-need populations and marginalized groups. We work with a Community Board with members of groups or organizations that can provide the perspectives of high-risk, low resource communities as well as advice on critical issues of social justice and serve as advocates as we broaden and deepen our community outreach. The priorities of the Collaboratory focus on three areas: Research, Education and Community Engagement and Outreach.


In order to facilitate research activities that address social justice through designing and implementing solutions to improve health, well-being, and safety, we fund research projects that will require engagement of faculty and students as well as active community engagement.


Our long-term goal is to foster interdisciplinary educational activities and synergies for students in SEAS and SON(as well as other disciplines) at all levels (undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral).

Community Engagement and Outreach

We invite Community Members to actively serve on our Board. Additionally, we aim to increase awareness of the Collaboratory both within and beyond the Penn Campus so as to allow researchers in the two Schools and on campus to identify and build community partnerships and create a platform that fosters co-creation.